Useful Tips

Preparing Your Snow Blower

If the frigid air hasn't tipped you off, winter is here. Before you know it the first snow fall of the season will hit and you will be praying for your snow blower to start. Do yourself a favor and prep it now. After all, you don't want to be stuck using your shovel.

Hopefully you properly maintained your machine last year and drained or ran it out of gas. Today's gas has a very short shelf life of about 30 or so days before it starts to go "stale." If you left your gas in the machine from last season there's a good chance it has coated the inside of the carburetor with varnish, which clogs up jets and requires a complete cleaning of the carburetor to fix.

If there is gas left in the tank from last season, make sure to drain it before proceeding. To be safe, you should change the oil as well. Use 5w30 oil as suggested by your owner's manual. Now pour some fresh gas in the fuel tank, not a lot, but just enough to run it for a few minutes. Try to start the machine. If it starts, let the snow blower run for five minutes and you're done! If the engine doesn't start, you should strongly consider bringing it in for us to take a look at. Not only will we make sure the engine is running properly, but we will make sure the belts are in good condition, the gear box is properly greased, the tires have air, and your sheer pins are intact.

We hope this has helped you out. If you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear from you, so drop us a message on our contact page.